Water Damage: Every Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

Water damage is every homeowner's worst nightmare. It can cause irreparable harm to property, create health hazards and generally be a huge inconvenience. When it comes to water damage cleanup, many homeowners are tempted to go the DIY route in order to save money.

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Water damage is every homeowner's worst nightmare. It can cause irreparable harm to property, create health hazards and generally be a huge inconvenience. When it comes to water damage cleanup, many homeowners are tempted to go the DIY route in order to save money. Comprehensive water damage cleanup process: 1. Restore properties damaged by floods, storms, and plumbing malfunctions 2. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to detect hidden moisture pockets 3. Quickly applying proven protocols to restore homes back to pre-loss condition 4. Preventing mold after water damage Seeking professional help from restoration experts is essential when dealing with even minor cases of water damage.

Mold: why you need to act fast after water damage

One of these potential repercussions of prolonged water damage is mold growth, which can have serious health consequences for those living in the home. This is why acting fast after water damage occurs is essential to protect your and your family’s well-being. Dangers of ignoring mold:
  • Eating away at wood, carpeting, drywall, and other materials
  • Spread of toxic spores
  • Headaches and other neurological issues
  • Respiratory problems like asthma
Mold requires moisture to grow, so any area that was exposed to water should be dried out as quickly as possible. Unwanted moisture leads to an ideal environment for mold spores to multiply and spread throughout the home, causing further structural damage and potentially hazardous air quality issues. Failure to take action immediately increases the likelihood of having additional repair costs down the line due to extensive mold remediation or even more severe property damage caused by unchecked mold growth.

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Our professional flood damage cleanup services

When protecting your home from water damage, you must be prepared for storms and natural disasters. Our teams' professional flood damage cleanup services can help you prepare for any potential flooding or other water-related events that may occur: Taking preventative measures:
  • Inspecting areas prone to flooding and reinforcing weak spots
  • Installing sump pumps, backflow valves, and French drains as needed
  • Securing windows and doors with storm shutters or plywood boards
Immediate response:
  • Turning off electricity at the main power switch if safe
  • Moving furniture away from walls and onto higher ground
  • Removing carpets and rugs that are saturated with water
Professional repair/cleanup:
  • Water extraction using truck-mounted equipment or industrial-strength vacuum cleaners
  • Removal of damaged drywall and insulation materials where necessary
  • Sanitizing with EPA-approved sanitizers like bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide
Having a plan in place is essential when facing an unexpected flood situation. Hiring professionals with experience in such cases is vital because they know exactly what tools to properly clean up the mess created by water damage.

Tools used for properly cleaning water damage

Having the right tools to complete the job is paramount when facing water damage. The most common tool used for cleaning up after water damage is an industrial-strength wet/dry vacuum that can suck up large amounts of liquid quickly without causing any further damage. They are equipped with powerful suction devices to remove all standing water from carpets, floors, walls, and furniture. Hiring a professional with these necessary tools eliminates guesswork and ensures that your home will be adequately restored following a disaster. Common tools used in water damage cleanup: 1. Professional-grade dehumidifiers 2. Air movers 3. Moisture meters 4. Mold remediation solutions Access to the proper tools is essential when hiring a professional flood cleanup company instead of attempting the task yourself.

Carpet water damage cleanup: replace or restore?

Carpeted floors are highly susceptible to flooding and severe water damage due to their porous nature. That said, homeowners must take action quickly when faced with carpet water damage.
  • Determine the severity of the damage
  • Complete replacement if contaminated with water or sewage
  • Deep-cleaning services for minor surface staining
  • Use special equipment to extract dirt and moisture from fibers
  • Remove unsightly marks left behind
  • Prevent future mold growth
  • Restore carpets close to their original condition
When dealing with carpet water damage, homeowners must act fast and seek expert advice rather than attempting DIY solutions that could easily make matters worse; such situations demand swift response and a specialist knowledge base which most people lack.

Rely on our water damage cleanup team

When it comes to water damage, every homeowner knows the feeling of dread and panic that follows. The potential for costly repairs and replacements can be overwhelming if not handled correctly. Trust our team of professional water damage repair specialists to ensure you get the best possible service available. Our highly-trained technicians are trained in all aspects of water damage remediation, from repairing leaky pipes to restoring furniture or flooring damaged by flooding. After we’ve completed our work, you can rest assured that your home is safe and free from any further damage due to water intrusion. When disaster strikes, we understand how much is at stake at Lewiston Restoration Pros. That’s why we always prioritize customer satisfaction above all else – whether through prompt response times or industry-leading expertise – making us the go-to choice for anyone looking for reliable water damage cleanup services they can count on.